Saturday, September 15, 2012

Construction September 2012

This part of the blog is more for our family so they can see the progress of the house.  We are in a race against the weather to get the roof on and the house dried in within the next month.

Guest room


Laundry room

Monday, September 10, 2012

Construction July and August 2012

So much of what is happening on the house now can only be appreciated by someone who builds homes.  When these photos were taken, much of the work was structural.  This blog is an archive for us and it will soon be beneficial to others who are interested specifically in the Greene and Greene style as we begin to delve into the finishes over the next year.  (though already there are some posts on furniture and lighting etc.)

Our home is much smaller in scale than most of the homes built by Greene and Greene but it gives us a taste of how complicated their work must have been using simpler tools and having multiple projects in process simultaneously.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mort's Cabin

Pendleton Blankets

It's not just a store, it's an adventure.
I have never seen so much packed into a little store--lots to discover for lovers of all things arts and crafts, cowboy, vintage, and Native American plus many unique items.

Darold's family had a cabin near Mt Rainier National Park.  The cabin, being owned by his father, was called Mort's Cabin. Darold truly loved the time his family spent there and his store is filled with things that remind him of the time spent at the cabin --so naturally it has the same name.  Mort's style is what Darold calls: rustic design.

I see the store as a fantastic resource for Ephraim Faience and Roseville pottery.  And as I spend more time exploring every nook and cranny I have found books on Greene & Greene and Stickley, collectibles, and an eclectic selection of all things new and old.

Construction --The Big Pour

It has been a long wait but the weather improved enough for the radiant heat elements to be installed in the basement floor and the concrete pour was this week.

Here is the proud Papa watching over a professional crew--this is a huge moment for us---to have a whole crew working at once.  And since we have a short window of time to get the house weathered in before fall, my hope is that this trend will continue through the summer.  Finally you will begin to see some good resources here.

While I have been waiting to collect bids on the various elements of the project I have become immersed in vintage stores, estate sales, antique shopping, consignment stores.  I am keeping a notebook of all the great things that I find along the way and their prices.  Recently I visited a unique store in Seattle called Mort's Cabin and will post about that next.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daniel Ridgway Knight Artwork in Gamble House

During my recent behind the scenes tour of the Gamble House with Jim Ipekjian I noticed an oil painting of a Dutch girl.  Since we were not allowed to take pictures I wrote down the name of the painter and looked up information about him later online.

His name was Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924) and if you search his name for images you can see a whole collection of his work, any of which would be gorgeous in a bungalow home.  It looks like prints are available and there are some reproduction services out there but I am not sure what to think of that idea--maybe someone can enlighten me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage and Antique Lighting Field Trip

I went on a field trip recently----to the tulip fields---but also to a fabulous vintage lighting store in nearby LaConner, Washington.  And I can't wait to go again.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Lighting Plan Allows Your Home to Glow

Even if you are not remodeling right now, any craftsman home is enhanced with warm, inviting light fixtures.  Craftsman homes are filled with color; and a lighting plan allows your home to glow like a treasure box. Well-planned lighting sets a mood, is welcoming, provides light for specific tasks, and can enhance certain architectural elements in your home.
Bungalows shine with beautiful lamps, wall sconces, and lighting tucked behind architectural elements.  Two of the quickest ways to improve the quality of any room is with “period appropriate” paint color for the walls and improved lighting.  I love considering the possibilities using these two simple ideas.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arroyo Canyon Stone and Clinkerbrick Wall

I took this photo-- this house is around the corner from the Gamble House.
It is one of the most perfect examaples of clinkerbrick movement and great stone placement.
We have someone working on our landscape design and we need to figure out what the exterior elements will be for our house.  A process I am sure many people go through at this stage is pouring over books and magazines and websites searching for photos of what other people have created to collect ideas.  Here is what I have collected......

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pasadena Trip

from Karen Winters- Arroyo Seco Trail
If you are passionate about the American Arts and Crafts movement then Pasadena California is your Mecca. I just returned from a trip to meet with highly skilled craftsmen in both stained glass and wood working. While I was there I had the opportunity to visit with a number of people who truly live the Greene and Greene lifestyle every day.  Over the next few months I will feature those I met while in Pasadena.
Greene and Greene Inspired
Some of these folks work in the stately homes as docents or they are intimately involved with restoration work of the home --or they do both!  Some of them own and live in a Greene and Greene home, others have crafted a business in architectural salvage, craftsman furniture or lighting, and stained glass—my personal favorite.  The Karen Winters painting above shows a scene from where my husband grew up along the Arroyo Seco Canyon in Pasadena (a similar painting hangs in one of the G & G homes I visited this past week). A number of gorgeous G & G homes are also perched along the Arroyo Seco......

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jim Ipekjian Restoring Greene & Greene Grandeur

I am going on a trip to Pasadena! 

The last few Pasadena trips were to family.  My husband grew up in the neighborhoods chock full of Greene & Greene homes, and we always drive through the streets during every visit dreaming about our finished home (someday) in Seattle .

Greene & Greene Craftsmen
This time I have the unique opportunity to meet a number of the talented craftsman who have replicated or restored furniture, doors, and light fixtures in Greene & Greene homes....Details and Joinery class by Jim Ipekjian, it's a behind the scenes 3-hour class....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help to Save the Thorsen House

Photo from Dwell magazine
If you follow Greene & Greene you are familiar with the Thorsen House.
A masterpiece of the American Arts and Crafts movement, the William R. Thorsen house in Berkeley, California (1909), was the last of the masterfully crafted ‘ultimate bungalows’ designed and furnished by renowned architects Charles and Henry Greene.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greene & Greene Furniture


Tom Stangeland has each in abundance; even in his early days when he made small motorized airplanes these qualities were evident.  As I was driving away from his woodworking shop/winery I couldn't help but kick myself for not getting a photo of those early flyers.

Now Tom makes absolutely gorgeous furniture—and that has always been the case but the furniture wasn't always in the Arts & Crafts tradition inspired by Greene & Greene.  A turning point in his craft was in 1990 when a music industry icon visited the Seattle gallery where Tom's furniture was displayed.......

Monday, January 2, 2012

Construction--Looking Forward into 2012

Much has happened with our construction since the last post in June but not enough to interest the casual observer.  Instead of posting news of the house we will feature the people and businesses that have a love of all things Craftsman and specifically Greene & Greene.  I now have time to explore these resources, learn about their stories, delve into why they are so passionate about their craft, and report it back to you.

I hope you join us on the the near future I will be visiting a Greene & Greene furniture craftsman, living for a short time in an actual G & G home, and learning more about Ephraim Faience Pottery.

For those interested in the actual construction....