Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pasadena Trip

from Karen Winters- Arroyo Seco Trail
If you are passionate about the American Arts and Crafts movement then Pasadena California is your Mecca. I just returned from a trip to meet with highly skilled craftsmen in both stained glass and wood working. While I was there I had the opportunity to visit with a number of people who truly live the Greene and Greene lifestyle every day.  Over the next few months I will feature those I met while in Pasadena.
Greene and Greene Inspired
Some of these folks work in the stately homes as docents or they are intimately involved with restoration work of the home --or they do both!  Some of them own and live in a Greene and Greene home, others have crafted a business in architectural salvage, craftsman furniture or lighting, and stained glass—my personal favorite.  The Karen Winters painting above shows a scene from where my husband grew up along the Arroyo Seco Canyon in Pasadena (a similar painting hangs in one of the G & G homes I visited this past week). A number of gorgeous G & G homes are also perched along the Arroyo Seco......

from Sotheby's a scene in Ojai
The Casa Barranca Estate
In addition to visiting two homes in Pasadena we went to Ojai where Casa Barranca is located, another Greene and Greene home.  If you love yoga then here is your chance to live in one of these homes for a short time, April 27-29, 2012, for a yoga retreat.
The closest I was able to get to the house was sitting in the Casa Barranca wine tasting room (on the main street in Ojai) talking to the general manager Ricky and tasting wine.

Here's a Pinot Noir we took back to our cottage at The Emerald Iguana.... 

If only I lived in southern California again I could attend a May 19, 2012 event at Casa Barranca  (my teenage years were spent hanging at the Huntington Beach pier in a bikini watching fellow classmates surf, those were the days). 
If you will be in Ojai on May 19th here is how you can see the house: 
Join the Casa Barranca wine club and you will receive an invitation to the wine club event at the house.  I wish I had known this a month or so ago, I would have planned my trip for May!!  Don’t miss it.

When you go, book a room at The Emerald Iguana Inn

 –the rooms are unique and quite nice, in a lush tropical setting and unusual architecture. 

Back in the 20s numerous cottages circled a center courtyard which is now a pool

The current owner has completely refurbished and updated the cottages, we stayed in the Gecko cottage.

A Greene & Greene Work in Progress
Check back often, my goal is to post about my trip throughout the spring and share the things I learned during my visit.  We'll get into the nitty gritty details of showcasing the craftsmen and their work. I think that we will be working with most of the people I met in one way or another as we build our house.  Each one has great talents that will fill our home with warmth and beauty, I can’t wait!  You will find ways to add these elements to your home as well.