Friday, April 27, 2012

A Lighting Plan Allows Your Home to Glow

Even if you are not remodeling right now, any craftsman home is enhanced with warm, inviting light fixtures.  Craftsman homes are filled with color; and a lighting plan allows your home to glow like a treasure box. Well-planned lighting sets a mood, is welcoming, provides light for specific tasks, and can enhance certain architectural elements in your home.
Bungalows shine with beautiful lamps, wall sconces, and lighting tucked behind architectural elements.  Two of the quickest ways to improve the quality of any room is with “period appropriate” paint color for the walls and improved lighting.  I love considering the possibilities using these two simple ideas.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arroyo Canyon Stone and Clinkerbrick Wall

I took this photo-- this house is around the corner from the Gamble House.
It is one of the most perfect examaples of clinkerbrick movement and great stone placement.
We have someone working on our landscape design and we need to figure out what the exterior elements will be for our house.  A process I am sure many people go through at this stage is pouring over books and magazines and websites searching for photos of what other people have created to collect ideas.  Here is what I have collected......