Monday, November 11, 2013

Rosellini A Bit of Seattle History

Something very wonderful happened a few months ago.  I was estate sale shopping at Victor Rosellini's house and found a fantastic stained glass light fixture.  Victor was a well known restaurant owner in Seattle and is a bit of a legend around here.  I am into food and wine so for me to stumble upon this light fixture and have the opportunity to put a little Seattle history into our house is pretty cool.  We don't know if this was installed in his home or one of the restaurants because the sale was packed with a combination of home and business.  In any case it will be a welcome addition to our home.

The apron of the fixture

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A new beginning

It's been about six months since my last post.  I was sparing you the heartache of a long, wet winter without a roof.  We are now seeing lovely warm(er) days and some blue skies so hopefully the roof will be completed in the near future.  While waiting for this to happen I had to divert my attention elsewhere so this post will be all about that diversion.  It came in the form of light fixtures!

But before I get to that, I wanted to show you one of the first interior finished pieces.  This is a little exposed rafter in the master bath above a window that provided a special surprise to us.  My son helped to build this with one of our craftsman--and at age 18 it is something to be proud of and grateful for the experience of learning how to build.
When the window was cut in we realized we have a view of Puget Sound to the south.  We thought our only view would be due west but most of the maritime traffic is to the south so we now get a little peek of it each day.

Right now the masons are in the house building the fireplaces so I need to get some pictures soon since the fireplace is an important central element to most Greene & Greene homes.

Lighting the Greene and Greene Style Home

The kitchen is where I decided to start with lighting since it concerned me the most.