Saturday, September 15, 2012

Construction September 2012

This part of the blog is more for our family so they can see the progress of the house.  We are in a race against the weather to get the roof on and the house dried in within the next month.

Guest room


Laundry room

Monday, September 10, 2012

Construction July and August 2012

So much of what is happening on the house now can only be appreciated by someone who builds homes.  When these photos were taken, much of the work was structural.  This blog is an archive for us and it will soon be beneficial to others who are interested specifically in the Greene and Greene style as we begin to delve into the finishes over the next year.  (though already there are some posts on furniture and lighting etc.)

Our home is much smaller in scale than most of the homes built by Greene and Greene but it gives us a taste of how complicated their work must have been using simpler tools and having multiple projects in process simultaneously.