The quest to build a home in the style of Greene & Greene (early 1900s architect brothers) began years ago when my husband was growing up in Pasadena near the neighborhoods where many of these homes are located.  The architecture of his childhood home was influenced by Greene & Greene and to him they are the essence of "home". 

His grandmother was friends with Mrs. Gamble and my mother-in-law, Diane-- being the same size as Mrs. Gamble-- was the happy recipient of her elegant clothes.  Diane, was an artist and always created a warm and inviting home. She had an eye for wonderful thrift store finds and collected Arts and Crafts furnishings over the years.

We now own her collection of Craftsman hanging lamps, table lamps, pottery, stained glass, door handles, Stickley furniture, Pendleton blankets, etc.  She assisted in the construction of our new home and was an important contributor to what has become my sense of style.  Over the years I have collected my own "finds" at tag sales, thrift stores, and estate sales to furnish our new, old home. Eventually these items will be featured here.

The house we are building is truly a family project. We had an architect draw up the original plans but those plans are interpreted on the fly as my husband builds and our craftsmen provide their craft. My role has been to use some of my early design work to source these craftsmen and product such as old style push button switches, unique light fixtures, stained glass artisans, fireplace tile/screen/design, paint, floor coverings, etc.  Our adult children have worked by shoveling dirt, deconstructing the old dilapidated 60s house to save timber and hardwood floors, building concrete forms and tearing them down once footings were in place, dipping shingles by hand, and staining woodwork in their spare time. Labor intensive work to be sure.

So I guess you could say this house is in our blood ...it is the Robertson House.

We have met some amazing craftsmen in building our handcrafted home and they will ultimately be featured here when the timing is right....we have to have the gorgeous photos first, otherwise it will mean nothing to you the reader.

At this point if I share a link to a product it is because I find it of interest. If I am being compensated by an advertiser it will be stated.