Monday, November 11, 2013

Rosellini A Bit of Seattle History

Something very wonderful happened a few months ago.  I was estate sale shopping at Victor Rosellini's house and found a fantastic stained glass light fixture.  Victor was a well known restaurant owner in Seattle and is a bit of a legend around here.  I am into food and wine so for me to stumble upon this light fixture and have the opportunity to put a little Seattle history into our house is pretty cool.  We don't know if this was installed in his home or one of the restaurants because the sale was packed with a combination of home and business.  In any case it will be a welcome addition to our home.

The apron of the fixture

Here you can see how rippled the glass is inside, and colorful.

Steve from Seattle Stained Glass holding it to get some sense of the color.
Steve from Seattle Stained Glass repaired the two broken pieces for a fair price and Tom at Mary Davis Vintage Lighting will bring it up to current electrical standards.  This might be the only time I ever get a screamin' deal at an estate sale but at least it happened once.  You know what I mean, we read these magazine articles about how a whole house is furnished with found objects for almost nothing.  It generally means the homeowner is a designer and has spent a lifetime collecting.  Or that person could be someone like my mother-in-law who lived in Pasadena for many years and loved to collect old house parts that people used to throw away.  In a future post I will show you what she saved for us.  I will leave you hanging with the fact that when she was living in Pasadena her mother-in-law and  Mrs. Gamble were friends ......