Monday, January 2, 2012

Construction--Looking Forward into 2012

Much has happened with our construction since the last post in June but not enough to interest the casual observer.  Instead of posting news of the house we will feature the people and businesses that have a love of all things Craftsman and specifically Greene & Greene.  I now have time to explore these resources, learn about their stories, delve into why they are so passionate about their craft, and report it back to you.

I hope you join us on the the near future I will be visiting a Greene & Greene furniture craftsman, living for a short time in an actual G & G home, and learning more about Ephraim Faience Pottery.

For those interested in the actual construction....

the planters and front stair supports are in

this area will be filled with dirt and will be a front patio

this is the base of the living room fireplace and the north side of the house

basement floor