Saturday, June 16, 2012

Construction --The Big Pour

It has been a long wait but the weather improved enough for the radiant heat elements to be installed in the basement floor and the concrete pour was this week.

Here is the proud Papa watching over a professional crew--this is a huge moment for us---to have a whole crew working at once.  And since we have a short window of time to get the house weathered in before fall, my hope is that this trend will continue through the summer.  Finally you will begin to see some good resources here.

While I have been waiting to collect bids on the various elements of the project I have become immersed in vintage stores, estate sales, antique shopping, consignment stores.  I am keeping a notebook of all the great things that I find along the way and their prices.  Recently I visited a unique store in Seattle called Mort's Cabin and will post about that next.