Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage and Antique Lighting Field Trip

I went on a field trip recently----to the tulip fields---but also to a fabulous vintage lighting store in nearby LaConner, Washington.  And I can't wait to go again.

The store is Mary Davis Vintage Lighting surrounded by antique stores on a quaint La Conner street adjacent to a gorgeous cottage neighborhood.

As I entered the store Tom greeted me, and as we talked about my lighting needs he enthusiastically showed me various light fixtures. Tom had either restored or created most of these fixtures from the wide variety of lamp pieces he collects at such fun events as Brimfield in Massachusetts.  There is a garage behind the store full of lamp pieces that you can select from, if you wish, for a completely custom vintage light fixture--by the time Tom finishes bringing it up to date, it will operate for today's standards yet still retain vintage quality.

Lamp Parts

Tom building a new, old lamp!

It is truly the best of both worlds. 

You will have a safe fixture that has patina and is restored vintage lighting.

I was so impressed with their selection I wanted to buy right then and there but I need to really plan my purchases so that I have just the right mix of antique lighting and also art glass lighting for our bungalow home.

Visit their website for all they offer, there is so much to see----be sure to look through the whole site, their photographs are so much better than what I could produce.

An example of a pendant on a pulley that can be raised or lowered. 

Ceiling fixtures perfect for the bath

Antique Glass

Mercury Glass

Edison Bulbs

Many antique lighting stores have not weathered the storm of our economy over the past several years. Very few remain in our area so I was excited to actually be able to visit a store of this quality. Their friendliness and professionalism will make it a pleasure to do business.  They are well equipped to help long-distance customers too.

I will support them because I want them to continue to be able to offer their unique service.  As wonderful as the internet is, we have to support our merchants with brick and mortar stores as well.