Sunday, July 13, 2014

Greene and Greene Style Homes, New Construction

If you are a Greene and Greene fanatic you probably enjoy looking at pictures of new construction as well as the original masterpieces from the brothers Greene.  I have collected a variety of websites that feature some new construction projects and a few sites with photos of original Greene & Greene's that aren't in the books on this subject.

It's always fun to see how modern day architects develop this style.

A gallery of websites featuring new construction of Greene & Greene style homes

Follow the links below for many more pictures
This home was featured in Diablo Magazine and is near Walnut Creek, CA ....... link

Bruce Aidell's house, video from Fine HomeBuilding magazine. I had never seen this video until today and found it quite interesting.  Other magazine features from the past made the kitchen look very dark whereas I think the lighting was more favorable when they did the video.  The kitchen is way to big for me but you may find other elements of interest here. And at 8 minutes there is a lot to see!   Link

Erler Design, Loblolly House, I want to do some of these on some of our windows.
I sketched something similar when on the Behind the Ropes tour of the Gamble House where you get to see detail up close.     Link

A few years ago I had the chance to help with the wine crush of Greene & Greene furniture maker Tom Stangeland.  Another man there said he owned a home in Medina, Washington that had been featured in American Bungalow in the early 2000s as a Greene & Greene inspired home.
I am pretty sure this house is his.  Link

The Lodge at Torrey Pines is a large-scale new construction built in the Greene & Greene style that is a fun place to visit.  We went there for lunch one day and walked around the property.  Link

Here is another architect's take on Greene & Greene  Link

Robertson House

Some detail of our house in process ...... we are involved with the cabinetry, lighting, and plumbing now.

Original Greene & Greene Homes Rarely Seen

Robinson House

The Robinson House was lovingly restored after earthquake damage, the story is found here: Link

Pratt House

Casa Barranca is actually The Pratt House in Ojai, California, the current owners contract with yoga groups for destination weekends.  If you love yoga, I think this would be a great way to "live" in an original Greene & Greene for a weekend.  It sits on a gorgeous piece of property.  Book early to get a private room.  Link

We are always interested in finding more websites that feature Greene & Greene, please let us know of any you recommend !  Thank you.