Sunday, June 12, 2011

Construction Footings and Foundation Wall

Thirty truckloads of dirt had to be hauled away to get to this point. The footings are in--our house will actually have rebar to support the foundation walls.  Homes in this area weren't built that way years ago......

The stacked blocks of concrete are temporary while the foundation goes in.

Today is a big day for the pour. Alan, Dan, Carmen, and Sam have been building the forms for the foundation walls working very hard to get to this day.

Surrounding neighbors uphill for several blocks called to say "there is a huge crane in your yard today".  That was my tip off to get over there and take some pictures.

Alan pumping concrete into the forms, you can't tell from this picture but it took everything he had to keep control of  that powerful hose. He was so focused that he never even knew I was there taking pictures.

Here is Dan the Man securing a spot that wasn't quite right.  A few days later the kids (on their first few days of summer vacation) were at the site pulling nails and brackets out of these forms. 

A pump operator guy in the background operating the boom and float with a remote control strapped to his belly. I wish I had known that at the time I would have gotten a better picture of him.
That's a lot of concrete.